I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation and respect for Coach Camie Manwill. I have known Coach Camie for several years and I must say that she is an All American Coach. Her positive attitude and sincere interest in every student that she teaches is unsurpassed. She has coached my son and daughter in beach and indoor volleyball and totally transformed their game. She explains concepts of the sports as well as the physiology of training in a way which motivates and inspires the students to want to improve and train more, all the while making workouts super fun and exciting.  She is a calm yet energetic, extremity knowledgable coach who is able  to teach people of all ages, from preteen to adults.  She  easily figures out how to engage all levels of volleyball students in training and interest them in every aspects of volleyball. She is able to concentrate on each volleyball position if necessary as well as multiple types of serves. She has a great work ethics and is admired by parents, coaches and everyone who has the honor to meet her. She understands how to teach each person in a way that they can learn the sport efficiently and correctly, which is a rare attribute . I have watched students improve greatly after one lesson. We have watched Coach Camie play at a professional level which is incredibly  impressive. Her focus and attention to detail which playing and teaching contributes to her overall excellence as a coach and player. Coach Camie is even more  successful  when teaching groups of kids and ensures that everyone is treated with respect, which results in great camaraderie.  She has shaped many young lives through her excellent coaching skills and has given many kids the opportunity to forge new, long lasting friendships. She sets a great  example of how people from all different walks of life can get along and play together. Everyone wants their lessons to go on endlessly and she gives 100% of her attention while she is teaching.  She is punctual and reliable, rain or shine and always prepared. She has an excellent grasp of nutrition as well as sports medicine which complements her coaching repertoire. 
In summary, Coach Camie is a superb person who I am honored to know. I highly recommend her for any endeavor she aspires to.
-Heather W. Brien

Camie began coaching our 10 year old daughter 4 months ago and the impact has been incredible to witness.  Within just one coaching session, we saw an improvement in Olivia’s volleyball skills and overall excitement for the sport.  Camie is able to get kids to work harder than they usually would and enjoy doing so.  Her gentle but clear instruction inspires effort in her athletes beyond what they may think they can do.  Olivia is stronger, inspired and has learned a number of skills through Camie’s gifted coaching.  We are so grateful to have  Camie as a coach and role model for our daughter, she is a gifted coach!
-Emily Norton  

I started getting into beach volleyball after I finished my school indoor season and Camie asked me if me and a friend wanted to work with her. At first I was doing it for fun and exercise but once I learned as much as i did from Camie I realized i wanted to compete more. I have never learned more and improved in such a positive environment then with her. She has this instinct with coaching where she knows exactly what to say in order for me to fix my flaws. Sometimes my ability to change so quickly catches me off guard because I didnt know how I was able to do that so fast. Camie always hypes me up and says how proud she is of me and the corrections I have made but all I think is, no, it’s not all me. She is the one that got me to change something in one lesson that three of my past coaches couldn’t fix all season long. I think that that is the most special thing about her coaching. Beyond coaching, her personality is so much fun to be around and that positivity of her’s is contagious. Camie makes me want to go out and play volleyball and love the sport and everything about it. I haven’t been able to speak so highly of the sport I play in a long time and I thank Camie for that. 
- Lily Kwong