Reviews About Kerri

I have had the pleasure of working with Kerri through VolleyCamp Hermosa. She has been one of our top coaches, and I have heard nothing but positive reviews about her from our campers and local players. Just a few days ago we got an email from a parent sharing how his son made the USAV High Performance team for his age group for the first time, and they shared that Kerri's coaching had helped.

I have also taken classes that she coached, and can say from my own personal experience that she is an amazing coach. She has a ton of technical knowledge that she has a gift for explaining and helping you implement into your game immediately, and she also keeps practices and drills moving so that people get a lot of challenging reps in! Oh, and she makes it fun!

In addition to being an amazing coach, she is an overall great person. She is kind, compassionate, funny, honest, and genuine. I cannot say enough good things about her as a coach, athlete, and person.
-Alison Wise (Volley Camp Hermosa)


I was first introduced to Kerri by a pro coach who said Kerri was amazing with teens.  Kerri was everything from challenging and fun, to now a woman my 14 year old daughter dreams of being one day. As a coach of indoor volleyball for 18 years, I loved watching and learning as Kerri bring new drills and ways to look at coaching to bridge indoor play to the beach.  My 12 year old son, who was new to beach from the indoor scene, quickly swooped up her lessons and became a USA HP A1 player.  Kerri truly does more than just coach.  She connects with my kids and we are blessed to call her a friend. 
P.S. We are the ones with the signs, "We love Kerri!" and are now her loudest fans.
-Christy Gerard (Parent)

A group of four friends and I made the trip to Hermosa Beach, California to escape the snow back home in Canada, and to train with Volley Camp Hermosa. Kerri was one of our coaches during our trip and we loved working with her. Her practices included interesting new drills which we had never done before, and she was able to provide us with individual feedback throughout the whole week. Several of the sessions were group sessions with many other participants of varying skills, and Kerri tailored her coaching as requested to best suit everyone's needs and development levels, and to keep practices beneficial for everyone involved. Kerri also has the best playlist of everyone we trained with.
-Sam Scott and friends(student) say:

"My beach volleyball game has greatly improved from my lessons with Kerri. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about volleyball. Kerri genuinely cares that I get better and doesn't just go through the motions like so many other instructors. My footwork, passing, setting, and hitting have all improved. Kerri's fun personality and positive energy makes the lessons enjoyable as well! I truly appreciate her help!"
-Matt Payne(student) says:


“Thank you for the coaching! More guys wanting to take their beach Vball game to the next level should go to you! Your teaching of the technical elements is second to none!”
-Billy Jones (Student)


Kerri  Schuh has been coaching my student athlete on and off as time permits for almost 4 years.  We met Kerri when my daughter was in the 8th grade playing club volleyball, Kerri has been an inspiration and great source of motivation since then. 

When Kerri moved to the west coast to pursue her careen with the AVP we were sad to see her go but she visits frequently and when she does my daughter books indoor lessons and beach-sessions whenever the schedule allows.

Kerri is a glowing example to anyone that knows her and works with her.  She makes the hard work of beach volleyball lessons entertaining and engaging while she shares her knowledge and passion for the game with those who aspire to play beach volleyball at a higher level. 

The environment Kerri  creates is one of  learning and encouragement  (if you’re slacking she’ll let you know it!) and fun while giving players all the tools they need to find success on the court and in the sand.
-Kelly Bayliss and Shea Lauria (Mother and Student)

A small bachelor party made our way down to the Hermosa area for some fun and of course to get some world class beach volleyball tips. Kerri was a fantastic coach and offered us some amazing tips to take back with us to Calgary. She was very accommodating to our group and made the drills fun and engaging. Highly recommend her for any group. Thank you once again!! Come visit the Calgary Beach Volleyball Association any time!! (Well for 3 months of the year)
- Ashi Mehta and Canada Bachelor Crew


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