The best advice I've received throughout my volleyball career

1. Volleyball is just a game. Learn to enjoy yourself and just have fun!

2. Enjoy the process (Check my earlier Blog)

3. Everyone’s journey is different. The way I get to the end result might be a completely different route than the person across the net from me. No two players travel the same path to achieve what us players are ultimately striving for. You have to stop comparing yourself to everyone else around you. That will get you nowhere productive. In fact, it will take you the opposite direction of where you want to be traveling. My past and my future will never be the same as any of opponents but that’s what makes this game so great! You were not made with the same mind, the same body or to live out the same purpose as anyone else. We are not perfect; there is no such thing as perfection, but you can work hard to be the best version of YOU. Be proud of YOU, be happy for YOU, and enjoy YOU. Just be YOU, because no one else can!

At the beginning of my beach career, I found myself comparing my journey with my opponents A LOT. "But I beat them in my first ever qualification tourney and now they are here, and I'm here. If I would have made the move to Cali sooner..." silly thoughts like this would creep in and take over my brain. I kept asking God “WHY? WHY…WHY? I don’t understand! WHY am I not seeing the end result?! I’ve worked just as hard as her. I’ve put in more work than her. I’m doing the same things as she’s doing. WHY am I going out of my way to help her?, I’m not where I want to be. WHY am I on this roller coaster? When will it be my turn? WHY did I sprain my ankle and have to start over?  WHY is my journey taking the long path? WHY am I not seeing the results I want?”

That word: WHY, sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me now.

I started to pray for patience. I prayed for guidance. I prayed to God for assistance in making the right decisions. I started to be grateful that I have the privilege to play the sport I love. On top of that I GET to coach and teach others everything that I’ve learned on my journey. The reason I started playing volleyball in high school was simply because I enjoyed it. I always had a good time, because it was fun!  And this takes me back to my number 1 piece of advice: Enjoy the game and have fun. So that is what I do today and will continue do everyday going forward. (No matter the outcome.). I refuse to compare myself to anyone around me. I’m enjoying MY JOURNEY because my journey will never be YOUR JOURNEY.