Enjoy the Process

Falling in love with the process is a habit building at it’s finest. It’s not an easy thing to do. Now days, we want things RIGHT NOW. We don’t have patience.  We’re all guilty of it.  Too often we are concerned with how fast we are getting somewhere or how long it took us to get there, but the real prize is in the process! 

It’s a choice: we can chose to be burdened by how long it might seem to reach a goal, or we can chose to smile as we grow stronger, wiser, and more educated with each attempt. Be in the moment, feel the moment, enjoy that moment, love THAT moment. Find the joy in everything we do. The past and the future mean nothing right now, the only thing that matters is what we’re doing RIGHT NOW; it’s called the present and that’s why we’re living!

Enjoying the process means we make a decision and do it without regret, without hesitation and whatever comes from it. We’ll learn from it or we’ll celebrate and move onto the next step.  We’re all human and we will ALWAYS make mistakes.  We can’t sit and dwell over what we just did wrong. Look at failure as an opportunity to grow. Take a step back, evaluate, adjust and move on because we just took a step forward towards our goals.  All said and done, we can look back at all the obstacles we hurdled to get to where we're at right now! That’s the joy in this thing we call growth. Everyday we’re getting one step closer and that’s what truly matters.

Just remember, we are ALL learning and growing everyday. I may be pro but I am still constantly failing, constantly falling, but constantly learning. When you start to enjoy life and the adventures along the way (including the lows) you start thriving for failure! You start seeing positivity in every situation and that's when life becomes exciting! The puzzle pieces start to fall into place and you begin to see the path God is paving for you.

...the results will come later

Huge thank you to Nick Peutzar for helping me get this started. You helped me realize how important these words are :)