Live with Purpose

To propose is to put forth. To suggest an idea or thought… what is your purpose?

You can’t find your purpose going through your normal daily motions of eating, working, paying your bills and sleeping. It’s not a lucky charm that will one day fall out of the pot of purpose and into your lap. Spending your time not looking for it, you’re not going to find it. Your purpose is like a relationship: It needs constant attention. Without that attention, people drift. Not giving your purpose attention, it will drift. Make your purpose a priority. We were all created on purpose, with a purpose and for a purpose. We were all made for more.

Our minds are filled with thoughts: a constant circus of nonstop thoughts, opinions, ideas, emotions, feelings, … NOISE. Nonstop clutter. Take time to block out the world around you and connect with YOU. Connect with the body that protects your heart. What do you love? What puts a permanent smile on your face? What is the first thing you think about every morning? What brings joy to your heart? What would you do everyday without getting paid for it? What are you passionate about? When we live a passion-filled life we are living on purpose and with a purpose.
This is the time to listen to your heart, and not the people around you. How can you find purpose if you’re reacting or deciding on what other people think? Being controlled by the opinions of others is a guaranteed way to miss the purpose God intended for YOU.

The Lord gave us all special abilities. These gifts were not given to us to be used in a selfish manner. We don’t have time to be jealous of someone else’s talents. We were made to use these gifts to benefit others the same way others were made to use their gifts to benefit us. We were put on this earth to work together, to help each other and not function in an egotistical way. We can’t be great at everything but we can be great at some things. So just remember, link arms with the people around you and learn to work WITH and not AGAINST because we NEED each other.

My Purpose:
The ultimate goal is to spread love. Living my days knowing God is first priority, it makes my purpose in life so much easier to seek. I didn’t realize that until I read the book “ What On Earth Are You Here For?” by Rick Warren. After reading this book my days became easier, I smiled more, I laughed more, my stress levels were pretty much nonexistent and my worries disappeared. Everyday I remind myself over and over why I’m here. I do my best to spread love everyday through coaching, teaching, my art and helping others. It motivates me everyday knowing all the people I’ve impacted. I dropped my life in Milwaukee Wisconsin to chase my purpose out here in Hermosa Beach, California. Knowing what I know now, I strongly believe that once you seek and find your purpose it can be demonstrated, and practiced anywhere as long as you keep giving it the love and attention it needs to survive. I know I don’t have time to touch every soul that comes into my life, but I do have time to plant a few seeds, and sprinkle a little love every day.